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Sharon Buchbinder

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Sharon Buchbinder
Legacy of Evil: Hotel LaBelle Series, Book 2
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Karen Harter
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Karen Harter grew up in Seattle, Washington. From her parents, she learned early to appreciate the beauties and intricacies of family, nature and God which are prevalent themes in her writing. With her family of six she spent countless hours exploring, camping and fishing, often singing together around campfires or as they drove in the car. In college, where her major was business, she took courses in English and Literature as well as Spanish. She devoured poetry in her spare time. When several professors raved over her written works she was inspired to write more. Her journal became a constant companion and she wrote poems on the backs of envelopes, cocktail napkins - anything that was handy when the mood hit. But poems on cocktail napkins didn't pay the rent. She took a job as a loan officer and fell head first into the world of real estate and mortgages. A husband and three kids later, she poked her head up from the stressful business realm longing for something more. The dream. She started by attending writers conferences. At her first conference she was shocked to win Second place in the writers' contest. At the next conference she took First! She began freelancing, selling numerous nonfiction articles to magazines. But her true-life humor stories made the biggest splash. One publication asked her to write a regular humor column, and she was deluged with letters from fans asking when she planned to write her first book. In 2003, Karen finally retired from her real estate career. She finished the novel she had worked on for six years between the demands of clients and raising three sons and packed it off to a writers' conference in Mt. Hermon, California. She submitted it to two agents and held her breath. Soon both agents were fighting over her and she felt like she had won a trip to heaven. They said she had a unique, lyrical style. She went with Deidre Knight of the Knight Agency because of her connections with the film industry. Deidre had MiraMax quite interested in Where Mercy Flows. They eventually decided it didn't fit their list, but out of the excitement generated there, she received an aggressive offer for Italian rights from Sperling & Kupfer in Italy. Readers Digest has bought the right to publish a condensed version of the book, and it is also being considered for a movie by a producer with Paramount Pictures. Karen's second novel, Autumn Blue, is scheduled for release in March, 2007. Like Where Mercy Flows, it is a story of a family in the throes of change. A single mother, her delinquent son and the old man across the street, each with their own pain, discover hope and love in the most unexpected places. Karen Harter lives in Mount Vernon, Washington where she and her husband, Jeff, pastor The Valley Church. They love to boat and kayak in nearby Puget Sound as well as fish the local rivers.

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