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Sharon Buchbender

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All In For Love
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Mary Kate Holder
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Mary Kate Holder was born and raised in rural New South Wales, Australia. Without siblings at home, she kept loneliness at bay with books and discovered she could travel anywhere with her imagination and the written word. In her twenties, when Mary became a full-time caregiver/companion for her father, reading romances provided a relaxing and therapeutic pastime. After years of reading romance novels, she began to have ideas for her own stories with characters just bursting to come to life between the pages of a book. The next eight years were a learning experience as she worked her way toward that first sale. Her father was her support and encouragement all through her journey. Her first book, McKinley's Miracle, was published as a Silhouette Romance novel in 2001. Though her father did not live to see the success eight years had brought, Mary knows he never had any doubts. The sale of that book opened up new opportunities for Mary. One of those opportunities was travel. Her first port of call was the U.S. By this time Mary also had a friend she had met online. It was a friendship unlike any she had ever known before and Mary knew she would meet this gentleman. Searching for direction in her life after the passing of her father and needing to do something bold and new, she packed up her house, put it on the market, said goodbye to her family and headed off for a three-month vacation in Florida. When she touched down on American soil, Tom was there to meet her. He was supportive and kind, funny and gentle, and after sharing Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's Day together, he asked her to marry him. The easiest thing was saying yes. The hardest thing was telling her family she would not be coming back. Their understanding that she had found something rare and precious helped to ease the homesickness. Mary and her husband, Tom, gave up their small apartment for a house with a garden and a huge sun-filled kitchen that she loves to cook in. After the wedding she sent for her two cats, Baby and Little White One, and her Papillon dog, Izzabella. They have since added to their family with a cat named Curious George…who more than lives up to his name. She has more story ideas on the horizon, more unique characters to bring to life. She has a full-time job, sings four nights a week in a karaoke showcase and finds time to wind down in her garden on the weekends. Mary counts the blessings in her life daily, knowing not many people actually get to live their dreams. With faith, encouragement and support, she plans to continue embracing change and taking chances for many years to come. She also knows Tom will be right beside her, cheering her on, as will her father as he watches over them in their life together. She looks forward to feedback from her readers, and you can contact her via email at

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