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Soldiers of Fortune (Anthology)
by : Diana Palmer ,
Three previously released books in 1 volume

A three-in-one collection . . . in which three daring former mercenaries, former partners in the Central American jungles, find love.

Book 1 - “Soldier of Fortune”
Originally Published -
Date: February 1985 . . .
ISBN: 037308000X . . .
Publisher: Silhouette Romance - # 340
For Gabby Darwin, working as a paralegal for one of the most famous criminal lawyers in Chicago was a full-time job. J.D. was demanding, and never gave Gabby a thought – until the unforeseen happened and they were on a secret mission to Central America to track down terrorist kidnappers. There, Gabby saw J. D.'s wildest, most dangerous side. She found out about his mercenary past, and saw real hunger for her growing in his dark, indulgent eyes. And she'd thought he was such a civilized man! Already J. D. had taken Gabby's heart, leaving her helpless with fear and breathless with desire!
J.D. Brettman and Gabby Darwin

Book 2 - “The Tender Stranger”
Originally Published -
Date: September 1985 . . .
ISBN: 0373052308 . . .
Publisher: Silhouette Desire - # 230
She'd met Eric Van Meer entirely by chance during an unforgettable vacation in Mexico, and with reckless abandon, she'd agreed to marry the mysterious blond stranger. Dani St. Clair, prim southern bookseller, had experienced a passion that exceeded even those in her cherished romantic novels - until a hijacked plane and a daring rescue by Eric revealed his true nature and dangerous work. He said he needed freedom, yet he'd married her. He said he hated women, yet he tenderly conquered her heart. Was it possible to meet a soldier of fortune on the battleground of passion and win the war of love?
Eric Van Meer and Dani St. Clair

Book 3 - “Enamored”
Originally Published -
Date: April 1988 . . .
ISBN: 0373054203 . . .
Publisher: Silhouette Desire - # 420
Diego Laremos had never forgotten the last night he'd spent with Melissa Sterling five years before. She'd fled their home after a bitter dispute, hoping to escape their unhappy marriage. He hadn't forgiven her for leaving, though he'd hated himself even more for driving her away. Seeing Melissa again had renewed his hope for a possible future together! Melissa had felt the same way, but she'd lied to Diego in the past. Now she had to prove to him that she was indeed his love - his ENAMORADA - and that the truth could set them both free . . . to love again.
Diego Laremos and Melissa Sterling

Series: Soldiers of Fortune
Soldier of Fortune - Book 1
Tender Stranger, The - Book 2
Enamored - Book 3
Soldiers of Fortune (Anthology) - Book 4
Mercenary's Woman - Book 5
Winter Soldier, The - Book 6
Last Mercenary, The - Book 7

Soldiers of Fortune (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
April 2000
Anthology- Contemporary

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