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Lisa Jackson

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Promise, The
by : Kate Hoffmann

The Quinns and the McClains. Two families from County Cork, Ireland. Three generations of lives inextricably intertwined by a legacy of promises. Made and broken . . .

By Fathers . . .
During Ireland's civil war, Aiden McClain found recognition and glory – by betraying his best friend Jack Quinn. Too bad he'd forgotten that paybacks could be hell.

Sons . . .
Donal McClain had come second to his friend Rory Quinn all his life. That is, until Rory went off to fight in World War II – and Donal married Rory's fiancée . . .

and Lovers
Seamus Quinn had always loved Fiona McClain. So, when Fiona found herself pregnant and alone, Seamus offered to marry her. It was a marriage of convenience. But Seamus wanted Fiona as his wife – in every sense of the word!

Series: The Mighty Quinns
Promise, The - Book
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Promise, The

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Harlequin/Silhouette Signature Select
Publish Date:
February 2005
Contemporary OR Suspense: Family Saga

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