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Now and Forever,
Meeting At Midnight,
Castaway Heart (Anthology)

by : Diana Palmer ,
Heather Shaw, Sandra Phillipson

Encore Romance 118 . . . Three romance novels in one book . . .

"Now and Forever" by Diana Palmer
Lutecia Peacock was at her wits end! And it was all due to Russell Currie, the stubborn farmer who'd helped raise her, and who now refused to see that she'd grown up. Russell was the most infuriating, tantalizing, devastating man Lutecia had ever known, and she was determined to convince him that she was the woman for him -- now and forever!

"Meeting at Midnight" by Heather Shaw
Marnie was delighted with Mexico. And the hacienda owned by her fiance's friend, Lyle Marshall, had all the charm and beauty of the most luxurious resort. But it was the devastating Lyle Marshall that affected her most. Cool yet charming, Lyle was a mystery to her. Day after day, Marnie tried unsuccessfully to deny the attraction she felt for him. Waiting for her fiance to join her, Marnie puzzled sorrowfully over one question . . . Could it be possible, she wondered? Had she fallen in love with Lyle Marshall?

"The Castaway Heart" by Sandra Phillipson
Polished, elegant, hard-edged -- Luis Revera was everything Kristina had expected . . . and so much snore. A fascinating man, he was impossible at times--impossible to work with, and impossibly attractive. Kristina began to wonder why she remained on Soledo at all. Was it simply her dedication to her work in the island's public health center? Or, was it the lush beauty of the. Caribbean that held her? Could Kristina bare to admit -- even to herself -- the wealth of feelings she held for Luis?


Now and Forever,<br>Meeting At Midnight,<br>Castaway Heart (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
October 1979
Anthology- Contemporary

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