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Lover Come Back (Anthology)
by : Diana Palmer ,
Patricia Gardner Evans, Lisa Jackson

Three previously released romance novels . . .

"Whatever It Takes" by Patricia Gardner Evans
When Dreams Come True, there's always a price to pay. So Sarah Harland discovered when her five-year-old twins introduced her to Matthew Weston. She'd thought he was a figment of their fertile imaginations, a fantasy father to substitute for the real one, who'd died. But Matthew was no fantasy. He was every inch a living, breathing, loving man. He loved Sarah's children -- and he loved Sarah. He loved her enough to lie to her, because he knew the truth would be devastating. And he was right. When Sarah found out his secret, it nearly destroyed her. But her heart was stronger than Matthew knew, and the power of her love was enough to work miracles.

"The Shadow of Time" by Lisa Jackson
Shane Kennedy had lost his life in Northern Ireland, or at least that's what his father told Mara. Four years later, Mara had finally come to grips with the fact that Shane was gone from her life. Then suddenly, inexplicably, he reappeared--as handsome, arrogant, and intriguingly sensual as ever. He also returned with a grudge, believing that she had not cared enough to wait for him while he had lain unconscious in a hospital, recovering from a senseless terrorist bombing Yet, when he took her in his arms, Mara's racing blood told her nothing had really changed . . . but everything had changed! Why had Shane returned, determined to satisfy his need for her? How could she now tell him that he had a beautiful daughter . . . that she had never stopped loving him?

"Eye of the Tiger" by Diana Palmer
She'd been a teenager with a furious crush, and he'd been an experienced man out to avenge himself on the girl he really loved. Eleanor Whitman hated the memory - and she hated him. But even four years later, the sight and scent of Keegan Taber made her weak with desire. Keegan knew Eleanor had loved him. And he'd never forgiven himself for what he'd done. Now he'd give anything to have her love him again. But she didn't care anymore. She was crazy about another man - and all he could do was hope that man didn't put a ring on her finger before Keegan could win her back!


Lover Come Back (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
December 1994
Anthology- Contemporary

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