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Baby? Maybe (Anthology)
by : Diana Palmer ,
Marie Ferrarella, Ann Major

Readers can expect a bundle of good news with these three previously released novels, written by three well-known romance writers . . .

"Reluctant Father" by Diana Palmer
Blake Donavan, tough, formidable, and lonely . . . Fears . . . surprises, like the unsmiling little girl who suddenly appeared on his doorstep and called him "daddy;" Meredith Calhoun, the one woman who could melt his heart of ice . . . He's colder than the snow in winter. Blake Donavan lived alone and liked it that way. His nemesis was love, but he had one obsession -- and her name was Meredith Calhoun. After five years, Meredith had come home. A successful author, she was no longer the shy, insecure girl Blake had once so cruelly rejected. But Meredith would never know that that rejection had cost Blake his heart ... and the child who should have been theirs.

"Borrowed Baby" by Marie Ferrarella
How could something so small and wrapped in a fuzzy blanket cause such big problems for tough cop Griff Foster? When his sister left -- without her six-month-old bundle of trouble -- the distracted loner had to find a baby-sitter. The last thing he wanted was two females in his life, but little Casie's diaper needed changing -- fast! Griff had never looked into such curious, big, blue eyes as Casie's -- until he met Liz! When child-care professional Liz MacDougall opened her door to a handsome, harried man carrying a baby under his arm like a football, she knew he needed a few lessons on nurturing. But Griff wasn't interested in learning how to love . . . until Liz and a baby girl taught him to open his heart.

"Passion's Child" by Ann Major
After years of struggle, Amy had at last built a decent life for herself and her family. Yet, now that world was being threatened by Nicholas Browning -- her husband and the one man with the power to destroy everything she'd fought so desperately to attain . . . Once, long ago, Amy had loved Nick. But he'd betrayed that love, and a cruel twist of circumstances had forced her to take part in a terrible deception. Now Nick was back to claim what was rightfully his. And Amy was faced with her greatest trail yet: to keep her husband from discovering the truth about "Triple" -- the child she loved as her very own!


Baby? Maybe (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
October 1996
Anthology- Contemporary

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