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Take 5: Volume 1 (Anthology)
by : Diana Palmer ,
Patricia Knoll, Debbie Macomber

Harlequin features five short, yet entertaining, love stories ideal for busy women, with each volume sampling a different style of romance featuring tender stories with a gentle sense of humor . . .

Book 1 -
Original Publish Date: March 1985 . . . ISBN: 0373083491 . . .
Silhouette Romance - SR # 349
Debbie Macomber: “Adam's Image.”
Doctor in The House . . . To all the world, Susan McKenzie, successful romance editor, seemed to be the perfect heroine. But there was one thing missing in her life, and that was the perfect hero. Then she met Dr. Adam Gallagher. He seemed to fit the role perfectly; surely together they would live happily ever after. But Adam didn't seem to want to play the hero's role. Aloof and somewhat mysterious, his professional detachment could drive any woman crazy. Was he throwing a twist into Susan's well-plotted life?

Book 2 -
Original Publish Date: October 1986 . . . ISBN: 0373084617 . . .
Silhouette Romance - SR # 461
Debbie Macomber: “Yesterday Once More.”
Just Like Before . . . Three years ago, Julie Houser had fled from Wichita, Kansas, before her wedding. Young and shy, Julie had felt incapable of entering handsome Daniel Van Deen's society world--and incapable of impressing his society dragon of a mother. But Julie had been unable to forget the love she'd shared with Daniel. Resolutely, she decided to return and convince him that true love was too precious to leave behind. The most difficult decision Julie had ever made was to leave Kansas. The second hardest was to go back. But love demanded that she set things right and fight for a bright new tomorrow.

Book 3 -
Original Publish Date: June 1984 . . . ISBN: 0671573010 . . .
Silhouette Romance - SR # 301
Diana Palmer: “Roomful of Roses.”
Line of Fire . . . Only one thing stood in the way of Wynn Ascot's marriage--her legal guardian, McCabe Foxe. The tough war correspondent returned from Central America with an injured leg-and with the force of a cannonball invaded her home, her life, and her heart. A hard-headed journalist, Wynn was uncharacteristically devastated by the new, disturbing feelings McCabe aroused. But he was a man who made no commitments and asked for none. With Wynn it was all or nothing, and though her heart had already been captured, the surrender would have to be on her terms.

Book 4 -
Original Publish Date: October 1987 . . . ISBN: 037308532X . . .
Silhouette Romance - SR # 532
Diana Palmer: “Woman Hater.”
Mountain Man . . . Everyone in the office described the boss's mysterious older brother as a real woman hater -- an absolute bear of a man. So, when Nicole White had to travel with her ailing employer to his brother's home in Montana, she was prepared for the worst. What she found was a man more roughly masculine than any she'd ever met. But Winthrop Christopher had been hurt in the past, and his distrust of women was as solid as the Montana mountains. Nicki knew she should avoid him, but she believed that even mountains could be moved by love.

Book 5 -
Original Publish Date: February 1989 . . . ISBN: 0373029616 . . .
Harlequin Romance - HR # 2961
Patricia Knoll: “Always a Bridesmaid.”
The ring came as a real shock . . . “What's the worst he can do to me?” Shelby Featherstone wondered as she bluffed her way to A. J. Court's table. She intended to crash the great god's business lunch and railroad him into renting her space in his exclusive San Diego mall for her new bridal service. But there was no business lunch. Only a table set for two. And before she knew it, Shelby was thrust into what might surely be the shortest engagement in history. And possibly the most painful. Not only did the ring get stuck - but there had to be a real fiancee's feelings to consider.


Take 5: Volume 1 (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
August 2001
Anthology- Contemporary

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