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You Can't Escape
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Unlikely Alliances (Anthology)
by : Diana Palmer ,
Linda Howard, Sharon Sala

Three previously released books now in 1 volume . . .
"Diamond Girl" by Diana Palmer
All Denny Cole ever noticed was her typing speed. But Kenna Dean promised herself that one day the Atlanta lawyer would see beyond his efficient secretary to the woman beneath. It seemed an uphill battle until Denny's partner and stepbrother Regan decided to make her over to catch Denny's eye. But the "solution" backfired when Regan became the problem. She'd distrusted him on sight until he swept her into his practiced arms to an ecstasy she'd never known before. He was grooming her for another man, but suddenly Kenna wanted to capture only Regan's heart.

"An Independent Wife" by Linda Howard
Sallie Jerome Baines' husband Rhydon Baines had broken her heart and once, she had vowed, was enough. Then fate brought them together again, and the new Sallie fell for Rhy just as the old had done. His was the fire, the power -- the love -- that could weld a heart once broken, into a seamless whole and leave a woman once hurt, basking in passion fulfilled.

"Annie and the Outlaw" by Sharon Sala
Harley-riding hellion Gabriel Donner had broken every rule, sinning enough for at least two lifetimes. And it would take just as long to right all his wrongs and earn his way to heaven. But his time was running out! Then Gabriel rode to the rescue of an old-fashioned damsel in distress. Sweet Annie O'Brien desperately needed a guardian angel, and in her innocent eyes, his biker shades and outlaw leather shone like a halo and wings. Clearly Annie offered him salvation. Or did she? Loving her would be heaven, losing her, pure hell. And lose her he must. Unless time somehow stood still, erasing his past . . . and rewriting Annie's future.


Unlikely Alliances (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
August 2001
Anthology- Contemporary

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