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One Hot Summer (UK-Anthology)
by : Diana Palmer ,
Barbara McCauley, Joan Johnston

Three previously released books now in 1 volume . . .
Marriages of convenience... Thrown together by circumstance, and against all the odds, naked desire overtakes necessity as love - and lust - blossom in the summer heat... Men you can't resist... Strong and sexy heroes with bodies that can withstand anything - except the hunger for the women they want. Females are inescapably drawn to these rugged males. Hot sultry passion... Steamy climates and men as hot as the Texan sun can only lead to one thing - sizzling seduction, unbridled pleasure and the kind of love that makes a woman come back for more!

"Blackhawk Legacy" by Barbara McCauley
Born to a father who had betrayed his own family and a mother who lived in denial, Dillon Blackhawk had vowed never to return to Wolf River, Texas, the home of all his heartache. Then a new heartbreaker entered his carefully secluded life, a woman who yearned to right past wrongs, a woman who had something Dillon desperately needed: answers to a legacy of lies. Leaving her safe and secure world behind her, Rebecca Blake was on a mission to uncover long-hidden secrets. But in locating Dillon Blackhawk, she had also unlocked her own long-denied desires. Getting the loner to return home was only half her battle. For Rebecca knew that giving in to Dillon's allure would leave her a victim to a heartache of her own.

"The Founding Father" by Diana Palmer
Discover how legends were made when Jacobsville founding father Big John Jacobs weds the daughter of a prosperous railroad tycoon! Will passion blaze when this fortune-seeking Long,Tall Texan brands his sweetly unassuming wife with his soul-searing kisses?

"Hawk's Way: The Substitute Groom" by Joan Johnston
His marriage proposal wasn't shocking. His motive was. But she had her own secret . . . All of Jennifer Wright's hopes and dreams had rested on her summer wedding --- until a single moment changed everything. Including the groom. Suddenly, Jennifer agreed to marry her fiance's best friend, a darkly handsome Texan she needed --- and desperately wanted --- almost against her will. But U.S. Air Force Major Colt Whitelaw had sacrificed too much to settle for a marriage of convenience, and that made hiding her passion all the more difficult. And hiding her biggest secret downright impossible . . .


One Hot Summer (UK-Anthology)

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Mills & Boon
Publish Date:
June 2007
Anthology- Contemporary: Seasonal- Christmas etc.

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