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Lisa Jackson

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Most Wanted (UK-Anthology)
by : Diana Palmer ,
Three previously released books in 1 volume

Three lively tales of romance and adventure center around the Lassiter Detective Agency of Houston, Texas, as three intriguing urban cowboys – Dane Lassiter, ex-FBI agent Nick Reed, and businessman Logan Deverell – become embroiled with a trio of strong-willed women.

Book 1 - “The Case of the Mesmerizing Boss”
Originally Published -
Date: March 1992 . . .
ISBN: 0373483430 . . .
Publisher: Silhouette Desire - # 702
Dane Lassiter had been a Texas Ranger, a lawman extraordinaire. Now he headed the Lassiter Agency, a group of crack Houston private detectives. Soul-scarred by women, he existed only for his work -- until the night his secretary, Tess Merwether, became the target of drug dealers. He had to keep her safe. But their stormy past made Dane the one man Tess wouldn't want protecting her!
Dane Lassiter and Tess Meriwether

Book 2 - “The Case of the Confirmed Bachelor”
Originally Published -
Date: June 1992 . . .
ISBN: 0373057156 . . .
Publisher: Silhouette Desire - # 715
Marriage According to Nick Reed - My sister thinks I should. But what can I say? I'm a private eye and I like excitement, change. I get bored hanging around a place for long. That kind of attachment - marriage . . . no, definitely not for me!
Marriage According to Tabitha Harvey - Children, a home, a man who loves me to share it with. Marriage . . . my lifelong Dream. Do I Have a Man in Mind? Well, one, only Nick couldn't be tied down. Just my luck - falling for a confirmed bachelor!
Nick Reed and Tabitha Harvey

Book 3 - “The Case of the Missing Secretary”
Originally Published -
Date: September 1992 . . .
ISBN: 0373057334 . . .
Publisher: Silhouette Desire - # 733
Kit Morris would simply quit and let financial wizard Logan Deverell see for himself just how far his Midas touch took him . . . without a secretary! For three years she'd kept his books, losing her head over one singularly stubborn financial figure – Logan himself! If he was too proud to sense the sparks, Kit had a mind to make him sense their absence! How was a respectable businessman supposed to react when his missing secretary turned up working for a private eye? Sure, Logan was miserable. But he couldn't ask Kit to come back to work when every inch of him wanted her – for play!
Logan Deverell and Kit Morris


Most Wanted (UK-Anthology)

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Publish Date:
June 2004
Anthology- Contemporary

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