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Nancy Bush

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You Can't Escape
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Take 5: Volume 7 (Anthology)
by : Diana Palmer ,
Ginna Gray, Muriel Jensen

Five previously released books now in 1 volume . . .

"Images" by Ginna Gray
Grant Sloane had Mara Whitcomb, an acclaimed artist, read before he'd ever laid eyes on her. Soon, however, her emerald green eyes and fiery red hair added new colors to the inaccurate portrait he had painted of her. Never had Mara seen such a strikingly handsome man -- that is, from an artistic point of view. She submerged herself in her painting, not allowing herself to see Grant . . . as anything more than an image.

"Golden Illusion" by Ginna Gray
When Claire Andrews, the elegantly beautiful widow on one senator and daughter of another, agreed to run for her husband's vacant senate seat, she had no intention of being the figurehead her party--and Matt Drummond--expected. If the newspaper heir wanted to become her campaign manager, he'd have to learn that she was well informed and capable. Matt learned that and more: underneath her cool beauty was an explosive passion that only he could arouse!

"The Comeback Mom" by Muriel Jensen
On her thirty-fifth birthday, Libby Madison felt full of regrets. She wondered what would have happened all those years ago if she had adopted the two lovable orphans who'd come into her life. The next thing Libby knew, she was waking in a hospital . . . ten years earlier! She's convinced that she's been sent back to adopt the children -- until sexy single guy Jared Ransom ruins her refound destiny by adopting them first. The way Libby sees it, she has two options: get rid of the irreverent interloper or insinuate herself into his plan . . . maybe even into his arms.

"Winter's Bounty" by Muriel Jensen
The Christmas reunion in Astoria, Oregon, was a boisterous gathering of love in many forms, but Marijane Westridge was a stranger to all of them. Her mother's recent wedding, her older sister's tempestuous marriage, her younger sister's irresponsible affection for her child -- all left Marijane bewildered. At least until she looked at James Sullivan's love for his adopted son and beheld a kindred spirit. James radiated the kind of love that increased joys and lessened sorrows. Marijane had only to take his hand to share a lifetime of that wonderful emotion!

"Rawhide and Lace" by Diana Palmer
When Erin left Ty Wade so long ago, she'd vowed never to return. Because of him she'd wrecked her car, her career, and lost his baby. Once a famous model clad in silk and lace, Erin could hardly face the task of mending the tattered pieces of her life. And now Ty wanted her back. Without her, jobs would be lost. The future of the Staghorn Ranch depended on her return. Erin cared deeply for the devoted staff of his ranch. But how could she face the man she most hated - the man with a heart of stone and a will as tough as rawhide?


Take 5: Volume 7 (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
March 2002
Anthology- Contemporary

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