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Overall: 9
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Review for Maybe, Baby
Author: Terry McLaughlin
Date of Review: 06/25/07
Reviewed by: Lettetia

Reviewer Comments: The final book in the three-part, Bright Lights, Big Sky series brings readers into the private life of film star, Nora Daniels.

Nora’s baby, Ashley, is four months old now, and still Nora is in Montana. When she fails to sign a contract for a new movie venture her friend, Fitz Kelleran (Make-Believe Cowboy) sends his trusted assistant, now producer, Burke Elliott to get her signature. Burke and Nora have been best friends forever, and though Burke hates cold weather more than anything, he is left with no choice in the matter; Fitz insists he be the one to influence Nora. What begins as a simple mission soon turns into one disaster after another for the very organized and “stiff upper lip” Brit; he has no cell phone service, no computer connection, a snowstorm that traps him with the desirable Nora, and a baby he has no clue how to communicate with.

A wickedly funny and oh-so-sensual love story about friends who fail to see what is right in front of them. I laughed, I cried, and I hung on every word Terry McLaughlin wrote. Burke is such a misunderstood hero; he comes across as stiff and firmly in control, while underneath he is a warm and compassionate man that is starved for affection as much as Nora is. Both are very lovable characters that feel remarkably like close kin; people you want to take under your wing and protect them from all harm. A beautiful love story; Nora and Burke have danced around each other for years, knowing they are good friends yet never seeing the love they have for each other until they are brought together by “meddler” Fitz Kelleran. Add in the secondary cast of personable and endearing characters and you have s sure winner for fans of beautiful love stories. Terry McLaughlin has earned a place on my “auto-buy” list after this; I have no doubt her career will flourish for many years to come; she is a truly gifted storyteller.

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