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Book Review
Overall: 8
Sensuality: 7
Contemporary Element: 8

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Contemporary Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Month At The Shore, A
Author: Antoinette Stockenberg
Date of Review: 06/27/03
Reviewed by: Marilyn

Reviewer Comments: Cape Cod, Massachusetts - The story opens with two adult children summoned home for a memorial service for their deceased, abusive and difficult father. A somewhat dysfunctional family – Corrine, the sweet optimist daughter who stayed to take care of the folks and work the family nursery that their father hadn’t quite run totally into the ground; Snack – the bad boy rebel without a cause brother who left after he couldn’t take any more of his fathers drunken beatings; and, Laura the daughter who ran the moment she turned eighteen from the small town neighbors who looked down on the ‘Shore’ kids as poor white trash relatives of an infamous murderous uncle.

Laura had left, and through a deep desire to prove herself worthy she had achieved success as a computer systems design consultant. The last thing she wanted was to return to the place that held so many hurtful memories – particularly the ultimate slap in the face from Kendall Barclay who wanted nothing to do with her after he saved her at the age of thirteen from four town bullies with rape on their mind. But, blood was a strong pull and Corrinne needed her and her brother. Corrine was sure that if Snack and Laura would give her just a month of their time, pulling and working together, they could save the nursery business.

Kendall Barclay, rich boy and childhood nerd had shed the ‘nerd’ and ‘wimp’ labels and much to Laura’s chagrin. It was difficult to remain impassive and aloof when he looked so darn sexy. Kendall on the other hand was struck dumb again at the very sexy woman Laura had become. Both would have to tiptoe around each other to put aside the interferences from their past before they could advance to their destined soul mate future! For both Kendall and Laura it would take a very great leap of faith to overlook the misunderstandings of the past when a dead body turned up and all fingers pointed at another scandal and murder by the ‘Shore’ family.

The writing and emotional pull was finely drawn out here and I could feel the humiliations that Laura had felt when she had innocently reached out those many years back to thank her ‘knight in shining armor’. This plot had just the right amount of intrigue, suspense, and a wonderfully sensual romance as the inspired hero (Kendall) did his best to become that knight in shining armor. The villain is a surprise twist to the mystery of the murder. Overall, a very nice book, set in a wonderful locale so that you will truly enjoy A MONTH AT THE SHORE!

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