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Eye On Romance
Featured Author
Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Anthology- Contemporary
Anthology- Contemporary: Seasonal- Christmas etc.
Contemporary OR Suspense: Archeology
Contemporary OR Suspense: Family Saga
Contemporary OR Suspense: Journalism- Photography
Contemporary OR Suspense: Medical
Contemporary OR Suspense: Military
Contemporary: Across the Tracks or Mismatched Lifestyles
Contemporary: Affair- Lover- Mistress
Contemporary: Amish
Contemporary: Antagonists Turned Romantic
Contemporary: Betrayal- Blackmail- Jealousy- Revenge
Contemporary: Big Business- Corporate- High Finance
Contemporary: Billionaire- Millionaire- Tycoon
Contemporary: Blue Collar meets White Collar
Contemporary: Boss- Employee- or Working Professionals
Contemporary: Brothers
Contemporary: Charmer- Resist- Taboo- Embrace
Contemporary: Chef- Baker- Caterer- Restaurateur
Contemporary: Comedy / Humor
Contemporary: Cop- Firefighter- Marshal- Sheriff- Ranger
Contemporary: Entertainment Industry
Contemporary: Exotic- Secluded or Wilderness Locale
Contemporary: Flashbacks or Memories
Contemporary: Friendship- Acquaintances turned Romantic
Contemporary: General Romance
Contemporary: Gothic
Contemporary: Guardian- Ward- Adoption- Surrogate
Contemporary: Marriage of Convenience or Proposal
Contemporary: May-December romance
Contemporary: Nanny- Governess- Teacher- Tutor
Contemporary: Offer or Require Assistance
Contemporary: Old Flames- Reuniting- Second Chances
Contemporary: Positive Growth- from Hostility or Trauma
Contemporary: Pregnancy- Child- Unexpected- Welcomed
Contemporary: Rancher- Horseman- Rodeo- Western
Contemporary: Reconsider- alter viewpoint- New beginning
Contemporary: Royal- Prince- Princess- Sheikh
Contemporary: Runaway Bride
Contemporary: Scandal- Greed- Corruption
Contemporary: Seasonal motif- Christmas- Valentine etc.
Contemporary: Secrets- Conceal- Deception
Contemporary: Sensual
Contemporary: Sisters
Contemporary: Small- Sleepy Town
Contemporary: Sports
Contemporary: Summer Romance or Brief Fling
Contemporary: Twins
Contemporary: Women's Fiction
Electronic: Contemporary
Fantasy OR Contemporary: Serendipity
Plane Crashes
Rock Stars
Suspense OR Contemporary: - Romantic Suspense
Suspense OR Contemporary: Amnesia
Suspense OR Contemporary: Bodyguards- Protection
Suspense OR Contemporary: Legal- Lawyer- Attorney
Suspense OR Contemporary: Politics or Political Intrigue
Time Travel: Future to Modern Day
Time Travel: Modern Day to Future
Time Travel: Modern Day to Past
Time Travel: Past to Modern Day
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