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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Emily Bryan
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Writers start as readers. I discovered early that a book is a whole world. As a child, I sneaked books into bed. I nearly ruined my eyes reading by the thin strip of light shafting in the crack of my bedroom door. When I was in middle school, even though I didn't like the creepy basement, I volunteered to take the bedroom down there, so I could keep my light on without my parents' knowledge. One summer, I stayed up till 2 or 3 every night reading the complete works of Mark Twain, Shakespeare's plays and every book from the Anne of Green Gables series I could get my hands on. Stories of adventure, laughter, pain or triumph--I willingly traded a full night's sleep for time spent with my books. After earning a degree in music, I sang professional opera, debuting with the Denver Symphony. Those wonderful stories of passion started me down the road to creative writing. For each of my operatic roles, I imagined my own backstories to motivate my character's actions. My Diana Groe books are grand opera--all angst and high drama. The Emily Bryan tales are like Gilbert & Sullivan--with sex! Travel and history are two of my passions. When my husband took business trips to Europe, I tagged along to play tourist. Other cultures fascinate me and I love to learn how other people view the world. My family has lived in 9 different states and 4 times zones from the Great Northwest to the Carolinas. I loved them all but always try to make wherever I currently live my favorite. Now we call New England home. When I was in high school, one of my stated goals in life was to travel widely. I just didn't expect to have to drag all my stuff along. Guess I should regard each of our moves as extended vacations. In 2001, I started writing my own stories. In May 2006, my debut novel, MAIDENSONG was published by Leisure Books under the name Diana Groe. ERINSONG followed in November 2006 and SILK DREAMS in July 2007. These are epic, dramatic tales—full of passion in exotic settings. When I wrote DISTRACTING THE DUCHESS, its light-hearted and frankly sexier style was such a departure from the first three books, my editor suggested a different penname. Emily Bryan was born. Light or dark, serious or silly—we need equal portions of laughter and tears to stay balanced. I hope you make room on your bookshelves for both Diana Groe and Emily Bryan. And if you enjoy them, please share my books with your friends! Isn't it fun to spread the 'happily ever after' around?

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Photo: Emily Bryan
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