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Heart of a Lion
by: Hillary Fields

St. Martin's Thomas Dunne, December 2001

She had once been a beautiful noblewoman called Lady Isabeau, betrothed at birth to the handsome squire Jared de Navarre. But all that changed when the Crusades began, and Isabeau was abducted, transported to the torrid climes of the Mid East, and sold.... Jared had journeyed east, vowing to stay until he found his lady...but there his hopes died and his heart hardened. Now called the Black Lion, he was a fierce mercenary, about to begin a dangerous mission in the employ of a mysterious black-veiled renegade warrior...

Jared never guessed that Isabeau had survived, fleeing the erotic realms of a harem to become this legendary desert rebel. Now, face to face, Isabeau believed Jared could never accept the things she had done, the woman she had become. And as death and betrayal swirl around them, their chance for love may be destroyed....unless they learn that fighting for each other is the most important battle of all...

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Heart of a Lion

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St. Martin's Thomas Dunne
Publish Date:
December 2001
Time Period:
Historical: Crusades 1095-1200
Mid East
Jared de Navarre
Lady Isabeau
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