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Night Angel, The
by: T. Davis Bunn

Baker Book House, April 2006

Serafina Gavi, the wealthy young Venetian who fell in love with the wrong man, eventually found herself in an English manor reduced to service as a maid. With her growing fondness for John Falconer, the painful memories of betrayal began to heal. But Falconer is burdened by a tragic past, and their friendship risks more heartache.

After a bittersweet reunion with her parents, Serafina settles in bustling Washington, the American capital. Her artistic talent brings her into contact with the rich and powerful. Even beyond these successes, the development of this gift is mysteriously linked to the development of her spirit.

Falconer is commissioned Serafina’s father to explore the potential of America’s first gold rush—in the Carolina mountains. But the business venture becomes secondary to Falconer’s secret mission against the blight of slavery eating away at the soul of the young nation. His humanitarian efforts provoke outrage, and danger stalks his every step. He finds refuge with a small, tight-knit group of Moravians, whose community serves as a key stop on the Underground Railroad. A dignified young widow and her son stir new feelings within him—but is this the future that God intends?

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Series: Heirs of Acadia
Solitary Envoy, The - Book 1
Innocent Libertine, The - Book 2
Noble Fugitive, The - Book 3
Night Angel, The - Book 4
Falconer's Quest - Book 5

Night Angel, The

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Baker Book House
Publish Date:
April 2006
Time Period:
Inspirational: Historical (various time periods)
John Falconer
Serafina Gavi
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