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Daughters of the Storm
by: Elizabeth Buchan

Bantam Books, May 1990


Paris, 1789 — the time is ripe for revolution. In the glittering court of Louis XVI, the extravagance of the rich grows more outrageous every day. While in the streets, the restless crowds gather like dark clouds, whipped by rumor and rhetoric, as the storm of change breaks over the Bastille . . .

SOPHIE LUTRELL . . . She left England with romantic dreams of glittering balls and handsome suitors only to discover the perils of a nation bitterly divided and an affair that will change her from a girl into a woman.

HELOISE DE GUINOT . . . Sophie's French cousin, she was the daughter of power and privilege until the revolution stripped her of everything and made her the target of the vengeful mob both for who she is — and who she loves.

MARIE-VICTOIRE BONNARD . . . Heloise's loyal maid and trusted confidant, she was bound to serve but burned for freedom, even as her involvement with a young radical threatened to consume her in flames.

Sophie, Heloise, and Marie-Victoire — they were the daughters of the storm — and this is their story: a sweeping, breathtaking saga of three remarkable women whose lives would be forever intertwined by the turbulent forces of history and their own passionate struggle for love, liberty, and life.

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Daughters of the Storm

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Bantam Books
Publish Date:
May 1990
Time Period:
Historical: France - French Revolution 1789-1799
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