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Country Flirtation, A
by : Valerie King

A Capable Lady . . .
At twenty-nine, Constance Pamberley has declined eight offers of marriage and is quite the old maid. Not That she cares overmuch, for life at Lady Brook Cottage, the house she inherited from her father, suits her admirably. Except for the horrid bend in the road outside, which has brought many a young buck and his coach crashing through the fence into her cherished petunias. (Though, sadly, none of sufficient means to be a match for any other four younger sisters.) The latest casualty is an uncommonly handsome youth who, now, cannot recall his identity!

A Dashing Invalid . . .
Hot on his heels - and into the petunias - comes his guardian, the towering Viscount Ramsdell. His injuries require prolonged nursing by Constance. And, while she endeavors to rein in her sisters' giddy attentions to the young gentleman, she must bridle her own susceptibility to the flashing gray eyes of the more mature one. For however smitten he may be with her, Ramsdell has a burdensome duty to his lineage, and must marry a woman with ample connections to the haut ton. But the sweeter the kisses between them, the more the viscount's heart is convinced that this lowborn miss is far from just!

Hugo, Viscount Ramsdell and Miss Constance Pamberley,
Charles Kidmarsh and Miss Augusta Pamberley,
Sir Jaspar Vernham and Miss Marianne Pamberley,
A match between Evan (Ramsdell's brother) and Miss Katherine Pamberley hinted at.

Series: Pamberley series
Country Flirtation, A - Book 1
London Flirtation, A - Book 2
Brighton Flirtation, A - Book 3

Country Flirtation, A

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
November 1998
Regency: Comedy- Caper- Farce

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