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Tempting Eden
by: Maureen Reynolds

Bantam Books, September 1993

Danger Drove Her into the Arms of a Stranger
Eden Victoria Lindsay knew it was foolish to break into the home of one of New York's most famous – and reclusive – private investigators. Now she had fifteen minutes to convince him that he shouldn't have her thrown in prison. Yet even as she told him about her missing twin, Philip, his profligate life-style, and her suspicion of foul play, she found herself irresistibly drawn to this intensely private man who moved with the barely suppressed power of a caged tiger. . . though she sensed the hidden pain behind his mesmerizing silver eyes.

But the Real Peril Lay in the Fire of His Touch
Shane O'Connor hardly knew what to make of the flaxen-haired aristocrat who'd scaled the wall of his Long Island mansion – except that she was in more danger than she suspected. In his line of work, trusting the wrong woman could get a man killed, but Shane already found himself taken in by this alluring and unconventional beauty Either she was telling the truth, or she was the best damned actress he'd ever seen. Yet could he trust himself in her captivating presence when a single mistake could cost them both their lives?

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Tempting Eden

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Bantam Books
Publish Date:
September 1993
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1837-1901) Victorian
Shane O'Connor
Eden Victoria Lindsay
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