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Halfbreed Warrior (reprint)
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Bobbi Smith

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Halfbreed Warrior (reprint)
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Secret Sins
by: Stephanie Blake

Playboy, August 1980

For three generations the Tate women had carved out empires, built dynasties and left in their wake a reckless trail of wicked rogues and heartbroken lovers. Yet there was something bizarre about these three women named Mara. They are united by a strange, uncanny hoed-a secret legacy that goes beyond blood and vow. The full power of this legacy will he visited on the last of the Tates, a woman of dark mystery, great wealth and burning passion. This Mara becomes mistress to presidents, glittering celebrities and captains of industry. Blindingly beautiful, scorchingly sensuous, she is the most tempestuous of the Tates.

But all of her life Mara is haunted by her eerie heritage. A supernatural force that reaches for her from beyond the grave leads her hack through time to the lives of her mother and grandmother and into the great unknown – from the watery wreckage of the Titanic to the bottomless maelstrom of the Bermuda Triangle. The lives of these three Maras – their blazing passions and secret sins – span an entire century, taking the reader on a daring and sensuous odyssey into the occult.

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Secret Sins

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Publish Date:
August 1980
Time Period:
Historical: Fantasy - (various time periods)
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