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Mistress, The
by: Susan Wiggs

Silhouette, October 2000

Back Cover October 8, 1871--One small spark ignites the entire city of Chicago, sending its residents into panic. But amid the chaos, a case of mistaken identity leads to an unexpected new love.

As the historical fire ignites across town, Kathleen O'Leary finds herself dresssed in borrowed diamonds and silk, enjoying a lavish masquerade. The penniless maid has caught the eye of Dylan Francis Kennedy, the rich, handsome gentleman all of high society has been speculating about. The night feels alive with magic and ripe with promise.

Then fire sweeps through the city, cornering the young lovers with no hope of rescue. Desperate to share their last moments together, Kathleen and Dylan impulsively marry, Incredibly, they survive. Now, as the fire burns down to cold ash, Kathleeen must tell Chicago's most eligible bachelor that he has married a fraud.

But the joke's on her. For this gentelman is no gentleman. While Kathleen had hoped to win Dylan's love, he had planned only to capture her heart and steal her fortune. Dylan Kennedy, cn artist, gambler and ne'er do well--has been unwittingly caught in his own game. Now the real sparks are about to fly.

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Series: Chicago Fire Trilogy
Hostage, The (reissue) - Book 1
Hostage, The - Book 1
Mistress, The - Book 2
Mistress, The (reissue) - Book 2
Firebrand, The - Book 3
Firebrand, The (reissue) - Book 3

Mistress, The

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Publish Date:
October 2000
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1837-1901) Victorian
Year Book Takes Place:
Dylan Francis Kennedy
Kathleen O'Leary
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