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Love's Magic Spell
by : Wendy Garrett

Spellbound by His Kisses
Forced by poverty and scandal to flee her native London, auburn-haired Lauren Stanton was pleased with her job as companion to a wealthy lady in New York, even though her employer was under the spell of a psychic medium who was controlling her life and depleting her fortune. When Detective Stephen Hawke came forth to expose the wicked charlatan, Lauren was grateful . . . then powerfully attracted . . . then overcome with desire. Unable to resist Stephen's manly charm, Lauren found herself responding to his kisses, trembling under his strong, insistent caresses, and yearning to give herself completely to the rapture that consumed her!

Enflamed by Her Touch
For New York City Detective Stephen Hawke, this investigation was all in a day's work. A fraudulent spiritualist was hoodwinking rich New York matrons, and Stephen was determined to put a stop to it. But just as he was about to pounce on his prey in one of Manhattan's most opulent townhouses, he met a fiery beauty who made his senses reel. Thoughts of the spirit world fled in the presence of Lauren's all-too-fleshly charms! Astonished by the depth of his desire, he could not resist kissing her and running his fingers through her gleaming hair. Soon he would kiss her again and tease her with ardent caresses until she surrendered to the soaring ecstasy of his embrace, wholly possessed by . . . Love's Magic Spell!


Love's Magic Spell

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Zebra Heartfire
Publish Date:
February 1992
Historical: American - (1837-1901) Victorian

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