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Bluestocking Bride (reissue)
by: Elizabeth Thornton

Zebra Historical Romance, December 2003

Miss Catherine Harland, a sheltered country girl, possessed a passion for Greek letters. Hippolytus, she felt, was the epitome of male virtue--high-minded, lofty in his ideals, and completely the opposite of the rude and infuriating Marquis of Rutherston, her family`s new neighbor. It seemed to amuse that notorious womanizer to bait her with his own surprisingly excellent command of Greek literature. Well, Catherine may have been a green girl, but she could give as good as she got--as the Marquis would soon discover...

In Rutherston's view, women should be sweet, docile, and biddable. He rather felt that Andromache--the paragon of passivity--was the heroine every lady of breeding should pattern herself after. The lovely Miss Harland, on the other hand, had the gall to consider herself the equal of any man. She would soon learn, if Rutherston had his way, that a woman`s place is in a man`s bed. And where women were concerned, Rutherston always got his way...

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Bluestocking Bride (reissue)

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Zebra Historical Romance
Publish Date:
December 2003
Time Period:
Regency: Comedy- Caper- Farce
Richard Fotherville
Marquis of Rutherston
Catherine Harland
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