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Allegheny Ecstasy
by: Caroline Bourne

Zebra, April 1990

Book 1 - Donovan series
Vision of Beauty
Dressing up as a ghost to scare an heiress away from her mansion wasn't Cole Donovan's cup of tea, but he'd been blackmailed and his only other choice was the gallows. The rugged Scotsman was in for a surprise — he hadn't counted on his victim beng so spirited, so enchanting, and so sensuous that he could hardly keep from touching her. Frustrated with playing the role of a spirit from the past who'd drive the lovely lady insane, Cole decided he'd gladly risk his life to be her flesh and blood lover — and to drive the gorgeous blonde mad with desire for his passionate embrace.

Picture of Manliness
Having been raised in Pennsylvania's remote Allegheny Mountains, willowy Diana Rourke knew how to fend for herself. So when a shadowy male stepped out of her bedroom mirror, the self-sufficient country miss promptly raised her pistol and demanded a kiss from the handsome apparition. The violet-eyed heiress knew perfectly well that her midnight visitor was a man of flesh and blood, but she never expected the jolt of ecstasy that galvanized her senses when his flesh met hers and her blood raced through her veins! Reveling in the overwhelming experience, Diana suddenly cared not a whit if he were phantom or fact ... all she wanted was to surrender to the sweet sensual pleasure of his . . . Allegheny Ecstasy!

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Series: Donovan series
Allegheny Ecstasy - Book 1
Allegheny Captive - Book 2
Edge of Heaven - Book 3

Allegheny Ecstasy

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Publish Date:
April 1990
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1837-1901) Victorian
Cole Donovan
Diana Rourke
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