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Wild Virginia Nights
by: Christine Dorsey

Zebra Lovegram, September 1990

Uppity Female Boss
A lady boss! Mining engineer Nicholas Colton would never have sunk so low, if the loyal Englishman hadn't been doing an old friend a favor! Now he was stuck playing nursemaid to an American wench who had a bad habit of reminding him who was in charge. But even with her rich auburn hair in a severe bun and her luscious curves hidden by drab frocks, there was no mistaking Miss Catherine Brousseau for anything but a beauty. Sure, Nicholas would get her coal mine in order — and he'd charge her a bonus that would make her tingle right down to her toes!

Bold, Know-It-All-Male
Merely hired help! That's all Nick Colton was. If she hadn't been so desperate, Catherine never would have let him within a hundred miles of her property. The handsome scoundrel had no idea how to treat a lady, with his insulting manner and his cocky smile. But somehow Catherine knew he'd know just how to please a woman. And though she tried her best to put him in his place, when he undressed her body with that piercing gray gaze and possessed her lips with sultry kisses, she realized the only place for him was in her bed, where she could savor passion sweetness throughout the . . . WILD VIRGINIA NIGHTS!

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Wild Virginia Nights

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Zebra Lovegram
Publish Date:
September 1990
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1837-1901) Victorian
Nicholas Colton
Catherine Brousseau
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