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Catherine de' Medici
by: Jean Plaidy

Robert Hale, January 1969

The Medici Trilogy was also published in one volume, Catherine de Medici. This book, too, is hard to find.

The Medici Trilogy

Madame Serpent Fourteen-year old Catherine de Medici rides into France, surrounded by Italy's nobility. She has been ruthlessly torn from her beloved and sent to France, thrust into the most immoral court in sixteenth century Europe. Catherine is a reluctant bride to Henry of Orleans, the second son of the King of France. She was passionately in love with her husband, but was unwanted by him; humiliated and jealous, Catherine began to plan her revenge while spying on her husband's lovemaking with his lover, the infamous Diane dePoitiers. Henry soon rose to the kingship upon the death of his brother; for thirty years, Catherine dreamed of a murder she dare not carry through. "Madame Serpent" was born of years of sinister planning and jealousy. And like a serpent, she could work swiftly and lethally in the dark.

The Italian Woman In the time of Catherine de Medici, "Italian" was synonomous with "poisoner." Henry II is dead, and Catherine is now Queen Regent. But this spirited, somewhat morally decrepit woman is loved by few, if any. Although her children are terrified of her, Catherine will scheme -- and kill -- to keep the Medici line on the throne. Strategic marriages and unexplainable deaths are apparently run-of-the-mill for this ambitious Queen: a Queen who was second in power probably only to Elizabeth I.

Queen Jezebel On August 24, 1572, frenzied Catholic Parisians shed the blood of Huguenots upon the city's cobblestone streets. Catherine de Medici was mainly responsible for this violent Massacre -- the Massacre of St. Bartholomew. Catherine flitted from side to side in every issue, supporting whomever could best suit her needs and ambitions. Now in the twilight of her life, Catherine is not even trusted by her children and she is despised by many in the world around her. But she had one great triumph; every soul in France feared her. But Catherine wasn't done yet.

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Catherine de' Medici

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Robert Hale
Publish Date:
January 1969
Time Period:
Historical: France (various time periods)
Year Book Takes Place:
Catherine de' Medici
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