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Rapture's Legacy
by: Susan (1) Phillips

St. Martin's Press, March 1989

Released under the publisher's multi-author mini-series - "Americans Abroad"

A sudden collision, a towering black stallion, an elegant German aristocrat -- all of these exploded onto Caroline Hartmann senses as she travelled a treacherous mountain road. Merrick Von Hayden had come to Caroline's home in Pennsylvania to claim her sister As his bride. But now the gallant nobleman finds himself being drawn irresistibly to the lush lips, flushed cheeks and deliciously forbidden chestnut tresses of the radiant Caroline. She excites him as no other woman ever has. Though it means renouncing all he has come for, and plunging his world into harsh scandal, he must have Caroline--at all costs.

Following the Baron to his chateau in the depths of Germany's Black Forest, Caroline surrenders to her own forbidden longings. Sweet words are exchanged on satin sheets, and Caroline finds herself swept up by the Baron's fiery kisses and tender touch into tempestuous storm of sensuous abandon the likes of which she has never known. Though she fights her own desires, seeking the truth behind the Baron's mysterious plans, she cannot ignore the call coming from deep within her heart . . . the call of love . . . the call of Rapture's Legacy!

Publisher multi-author mini-series - are books, written by different authors, that follow a distinct publisher-created theme.

Americans Abroad multi-author series
1: Sarah Edwards - Crystal Rapture - Oct 1987
2: Laurel Collins - Desert Enchantress - July 1988
3: Emma Harrington - Passion's Tempest - July 1988
4: Peggy Cross - Sapphire Moon - Oct 1988
5: Carolyn Jewel - Passion's Song - Nov 1988
6: Emma Harrington - Ivory Temptress - Dec 1988
7: Elane Osborn - Silken Roses - Feb 1989
8: Susan Phillips - Rapture's Legacy - Feb 1989
9: Nancy Knight - Twice Promised - Apr 1989
10: Sarah Edwards - Fire and Sand - Sept 1989

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Rapture's Legacy

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St. Martin's Press
Publish Date:
March 1989
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1837-1901) Victorian
Year Book Takes Place:
Merrick Von Hayden
Caroline Hartmann
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