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River of Passion
by: Kathryn Hockett

Zebra Lovegram, August 1993

Damn! The last person rugged riverboat captain Dante Roth wanted on a perilous voyage up the Congo River was a prim and proper female physician with an icy manner! But he needed the money, and once he had shown Doctor Lawton what was what by throwing her corset into the river, he figured he could weather the trip. If only his heart didn't beat so erratically when he gazed into her large hazel eyes . . . one searing kiss from this delectable beauty and he might almost be tempted to give up his life of freedom!

Boston born-and-bred Dr. Amanda Jane Lawton did not look forward to travelling into the wilds of Africa with a tattered, unshaven boat captain. But she had vowed to find her lost missionary father, and Captain Roth could be her last chance. Little did she suspect that the greatest threat she faced on this :I journey would come from her own shameless desire for this handsome scoundrel. Dante's first caress brought on a fiery ache that no medicine could ease . . . a consuming fever that made, her completely forget her proper Victorian upbringing -- and could only be cured by endless nights of tempestuous loving in his rapturous embrace!

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River of Passion

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Zebra Lovegram
Publish Date:
August 1993
Time Period:
Historical: Africa (various time periods)
Year Book Takes Place:
Victorian era
Congo River
Dante Roth
Amanda Jane Lawton
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