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Gypsy Jewel
by : Patricia McAllister

Abandoned as an infant, she was found on the far-off shores of the Black Sea by a roving band of gypsies who named her April and raised her as their own. Now grown to ravishing womanhood, she was hotly desired by every male in the tribe. But when a spurned suitor sought revenge, April found her savior in a black-haired, blue-eyed musician who'd suddenly appeared in their camp. His name was Damien, and he was the handsomest man she'd ever seen. As he strummed his violin, her body swayed to the sultry rhythm; as their heated gazes met across the campfire, she burned to play passion's melody . . . and when his lips finally claimed hers in a kiss of searing desire, she knew she must soon surrender to his rapturous music of love . . .

No one would ever suspect that the wandering minstrel was really a British nobleman on a dangerous mission for his Queen, but from the moment Damien glimpsed the golden gypsy girl in the firelit shadows, he knew he had to possess her -- come what may. Saving her from a terrible fate placed her in his debt; wedding her would provide the perfect cover and the chance to sample her sensual charms -- every night! Little did Damien know that he and his beautiful bride would soon be swept across the sea to the sumptuous splendor of the Czarist Court ... where he'd discover the secret of April's mysterious past ... and where the truth would finally dawn: he loved this wild, willful woman he'd taken to wife and would do whatever he must to keep her with him always!


Gypsy Jewel

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Zebra Historical Romance
Publish Date:
September 1993
Historical: Russia - Imperial Russia 1689-1917

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