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Lord Nightingale's Triumph
by: Judith A. Lansdowne

Zebra Regency Romance, October 2000

Peter Winthrop, once a fine gentleman, has turned to a desperate act that can send him to Newgate gaol. He has been hired to kidnap Lord Nightingale! But even the best laid schemes can go terribly wrong. For Lord Nightingale will prove more than a handful, and Mary Butterberry, a parson's beautiful daughter, is determined to save Peter from himself...even if it means her reputations's ruin.

From the tip of her charmingly Retrousse nose to her dainty slippered feet, Miss Butterberry is adorable...and irrepressible. She knows a terrible secret shadows Peter Winthrop's past, and she defiantly sneaks out of the rectory to find him. Now, with th eirascible Nightingale in tow, she joins Peter in a dangerous flight--toward kisses she cannot resist, a discovery no one suspects, and a surprise sprung by Lord Nightingale, which can turn tears into triumph...and discord into a sweet melody of love.

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Series: Lord Nightingale's series
Lord Nightingale's Debut - Book 1
Lord Nightingale's Love Song - Book 2
Lord Nightingale's Triumph - Book 3
Lord Nightingale's Christmas - Book 4

Lord Nightingale's Triumph

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
October 2000
Time Period:
Regency: Comedy- Caper- Farce
Peter Winthrop
Mary Butterberry
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