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Silk is for Seduction
by: Loretta Chase

Avon Books, June 2011

Skilled in the art of dressmaking, Marcelline Noroit dreams of building a fashion empire that will flourish among London top boutiques. Working alongside her sisters Sophia and Leonie, strong-willed and independent Marcelline has never needed a man’s help. She’s been able to rely on her wit and will to get ahead, even if it means using flirtation for business purposes--until she meets Gervase Angier, the Duke of Clevedon. More suited to a Parisian society tolerant of his ways of giving and taking pleasure freely, Clevedon finds himself in a new world upon meeting Marcelline. Caught up in a desire for her he can’t explain, he sees a challenge he hasn’t encountered in years. In a battle of sharp wits and undeniable attraction they give into the heat between them. But as the rules of the ton threaten their budding passion, a fire threatens to destroy all Marcelline’s worked for and she’s determined to hold on to her true passion...and the man who reawakened her heart...

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Series: The Dressmakers
Silk is for Seduction - Book 1
Scandal Wears Satin - Book 2
Vixen in Velvet - Book 3
Dukes Prefer Blondes - Book 4

Silk is for Seduction

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Avon Books
Publish Date:
June 2011
Time Period:
Historical: England - (1820-1837) Industrial Period
Gervase Angier
Marcelline Noirot
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