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He Said No
by: Patricia Waddell

Zebra Historical Romance, February 2004

With his title, wealth, and reputation for satisfying his lovers, Norton Russell Foxhall, the Earl of Granby, has all the women he can handle. But no lady keeps his fires burning for long. If there any female whose mind isn't embroiled with thoughts of marriage?

"Contently wed" are two words that make Miss Catherine Hardwick scoff. The bold, auburn-haired beauty would never yield to a man any more than she would acquiese to riding her beloved stallion sidesaddle. Lost in irritable thought and galloping at full speed, Catherine doesn't see the dashing lord until she's nearly upon him. Knowing an apology is in order for almost killing the man, she never expects the ruthless cad to extract a devil's bargain from her.

When the arrogant earl demands a kiss, the indignant lady grants his request. But there's no such thing as a simple kiss, and no saying no to the passion it kindles.

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Series: Gentleman’s Club
He Said Yes - Book 1
He Said No - Book 2
He Said Now - Book 3
He Said Never - Book 4

He Said No

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Zebra Historical Romance
Publish Date:
February 2004
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1837-1901) Victorian
Year Book Takes Place:
Norton Foxhall, Earl of Granby
Catherine Hardwick
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