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Girl On The Run
by: Jennie Klassel

Love Spell, June 2004

LADY KAIA KURINON has reached the end of her tether. If the silver-tongued Eben Dhion, Lord of the Ninth House, calls her "little one" one more time, she's going to throw him off the battlements. And if her father bleats for the thousandth time that "a man does not want learning in a wife," he's going over too. The man of her dreams can't seem to see that she's all grown up now, and the man of her nightmares has banished her to the Convent of the Sisters of Valiant Virtue until she gives up the foolish notion that a woman should learn to read and write.

Kaia's escapades at the abbey land her in the chapel for yet another night, there to contemplate her many sins. She overhears an astounding conversation between the bumbling little Brother Absalom, who has been banished from his own abbey for dabbling in the murkier realms of the study of natural philosophy, and a mysterious stranger who claims to be living backward in time.

In a heartbeat Kaia's world changes forever. Somewhere, in a time impossibly far in the future, all girls are taught to read and write. A girl can marry the man of her choice, and fulfill the innermost desires of her heart. If only she dares fly high enough and far enough. Kaia Kurinon intends to be that girl.

When there's a Girl on the Run, mischief, mayhem -- and Lord Eben Dhion -- are sure to follow!

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Series: Dominion Series
She Who Laughs Last - Book 1
Girl On The Run - Book 2

Girl On The Run

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Love Spell
Publish Date:
June 2004
Time Period:
Historical: Fantasy - (various time periods)
Lord Eben Dhion
Lady Kaia Kurinon
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