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Trouble With Harry, The
by: Katie MacAlister

Dorchester Publishing, July 2004

A hilarious new book by a master wordsmith, filled with romantic escapades, precocious children and more!

1. He was Plum's new husband. Not normally a problem, but when you considered that Harry advertised for a wife, and Plum was set to marry his secretary, there was cause for a bit of confusion.

2. He had a title. Plum had spent the last twenty years hiding from the ton, and now Harry wanted her to shine in society? Horrors!

3. He didn't know about her shocking secret. How on earth was she going to explain about the dead husband who wasn't a husband...and who now seemed to be alive again?

4. He had five offspring whose sole purpose in life seemed to be sending their new stepmother to Bedlam. If she weren't so busy protecting the little devils from mysterious attacks, she'd be very cross with their attempts to do her in.

5. He'd fallen in love with her. And yet, the maddening man refused to confide in her. The former spy harbored more secrets than Plum herself, leaving her no choice but to solve the riddles of his past. For Plum knew the real trouble with Harry was that he'd stolen her heart.

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Series: Noble
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Trouble With Harry, The

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Dorchester Publishing
Publish Date:
July 2004
Time Period:
Regency: Comedy- Caper- Farce
Harry, Marquis Rosse
Frederica 'Plum' Pelham
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