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Someday My Prince
by: Christina Dodd

Avon Books, July 1996

Crown Princess Laurentia is 25, a widow, and a virgin. Her first marriage was a nightmare, and she's not anxious to repeat the experience, but she must marry and produce an heir to the throne.

King Jerome adores his daughter and summons suitors from far and near to compete for her hand, determined that she shall marry for love to a man worthy of her. Neither Laurentia nor the King could have anticipated that the man who would make her heart sing would be Dominic of Baminia, the mercenary and bastard brother of the king of neighboring Sereminia.

Laurentia fights Dominic's overwhelming sensual pull, for he's much too handsome and she has cause to distrust handsome, powerful men. Meanwhile, Dominic has a dark agenda that honor insists he fulfill, but despite his better sense, he finds himself falling in love with the petite, courageous Princess. Will Laurentia be able to forgive Dom's betrayal? Will Dom discover before it's too late that it's love and not just lust that he feels for the Princess?

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Series: Princess Series
Someday My Prince - Book 1
Runaway Princess - Book 2

Someday My Prince

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Avon Books
Publish Date:
July 1996
Time Period:
Historical: England - (1820-1837) Industrial Period
Year Book Takes Place:
Dominic of Baminia
Princess Laurentia
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