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Silver Bride, The
by: Isolde Martyn

Macmillan Publishing Company, January 2003

From the Publisher...

"England 1483. It seems the Wars of the Roses are not yet over. Only the powerful rule of Edward IV prevents old enmities from tumbling the kingdom into civil strife. In Wales, Sir Miles Rushden, adviser to Harry, Duke of Buckingham, awaits the chance to thrust his friend towards the crown. And in the north, Richard, Duke of Gloucester is becoming increasingly isolated from the growing intrigue in the south.

But the threat to Miles's ambition, when it comes, is from a completely unexpected source. A land dispute sees him forced into a marriage at swordpoint with Heloise, a girl whose clairvoyancy terrifies people. He thinks himself rid of her but Heloise seeks out her reluctant husband after being cruelly cast out by her father. Miles must tread carefully as his unwanted wife is a former maid of honour in Gloucester's household and has powerful allies.

With the sudden death of the king, Miles and Heloise find themselves at the heart of a power struggle as the mighty dukes of Gloucester and Buckingham manoeuvre ruthlessly to seize the crown. In a conspiracy that could have a lethal ending, can loyalty, that most elusive, fragile cornerstone of love, prevail?"

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Silver Bride, The

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Macmillan Publishing Company
Publish Date:
January 2003
Time Period:
Historical: England - (1471-1485) House of York
Sir Miles Rushden
Heloise Ballaster
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