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Journey West, The
by: June Masters Bacher

Harvest House Publishers, August 1996

The Journey West:
June Masters Bacher bestselling novels complete in one volume: Set in the wild and beautiful Oregon frontier, this book chronicles the trials and triumphs of a generation of pioneers courageously facing devastating floods, Indian uprisings, heartbreaking tragedies and difficult choices. Readers will laugh and cry with schoolteacher Chris Beth Kelly, as she searches for a new beginning beyond the trail's end.

  1. "Love is a Gentle Stranger."
    Heartbroken and ashamed at being jilted, Chris Beth welcomes the perils of frontier life. Then, thrown together with a small band of settlers, in a place ravaged by Indian uprisings, Chinook winds and devastating floods, she learns to lean on God.
  2. "Love's Silent Song."
    When Chris Beth said "Yes" to a struggling country minister's proposal, life seemed almost too good to be true. Could it last? The settlers in their little Oregon community could scarcely afford a resident preacher's salary & Chris Beth's teaching contract would soon end.
    Can the honeymoon last . . . through the heartaches and sorrows of life? Chris Beth must decide . . .
  3. "Diary of a Loving Heart."
    The saga of two vibrant and independent young women who went West to escape the past and seek new adventures. They found challenge and tragedy as well . . . until they were able to resolve their problems and win against almost impossible odds.
    Diary of a Loving Heart promises a new kind of courage, a new appreciation of beauty, and offers the reminder that the Almighty looks after His children.

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Journey West, The

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Harvest House Publishers
Publish Date:
August 1996
Time Period:
Inspirational: Historical (various time periods)
Oregon Frontier
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