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When Hearts Awaken
by: June Masters Bacher

Harvest House Publishers, January 1988

The Christmas Eve wedding at Mansion-in-the-Wild was beautiful, but the ensuing days . . . are soon torn asunder by Courtney's struggle between her controlling mother, God commands her to honor, and her beloved husband, for whom she has pledged to forsake all others. But it is the mysterious secrets of Rambling Gate . . . that pose a far more dangerous threat

Courtney Glamora sank into the great, black leather chair in the library. From the beginning she must have known that her wedding would not take place without incident. Too much had happened already. And now this . . .

In the face of growing sorrow and the widening gulf between her and Clint, Courtney must find renewed hope and the courage to believe in God's faithfulness.

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Series: Love's Soft Whisper series
Love's Soft Whisper - Book 1
Love's Beautiful Dream - Book 2
When Hearts Awaken - Book 3
Another Spring - Book 4
When Morning Comes Again - Book 5
Gently Love Beckons - Book 6

When Hearts Awaken

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Harvest House Publishers
Publish Date:
January 1988
Time Period:
Inspirational: Historical (various time periods)
Clint Desmond
Courtney Glamora
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