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Wooing Miss Whately
by : Meredith Bond

Sara Whately would be the first to admit that she is too outspoken and probably should learn to control her quick temper. But then, the dangerously handsome and disconcertingly witty Lord Reath probably shouldn’t provoke her as much as he does.

Sara’s life has never been easy. Caring for her loving yet impractical widower father in Philadelphia, she has had to struggle to make ends meet. Yet Sara, forthright and practical, has never realized that there was anything missing from her life, other than financial security. Until, that is, she comes to England on a quest, and is distracted by the devilish and debonair Lord Reath.

Sinclair Stratton, the Viscount of Reath, has had his life handed to him on a silver platter. As a dashing young man-about-town, and then as a diplomat traveling throughout India, he has never had to think of anyone other than himself. Even women have been too easy to come by. The problem for ‘Sin’ is more a matter of fending them off rather than having to attract them. Until now.

Reath is returning to England on a quest of his own -- to right a wrong he made in his youth. But the bold, beautiful and confrontational young woman he meets on his first day back in England intrigues him bringing forth feelings he's never experienced before. Not only would the fascinating Miss Whately rather discuss literature than ball gowns, but she seemingly has no desire to trap him into marriage. In fact, she doesn’t even appear to enjoy his company – despite his obvious charm and good looks.

What starts off as an amusing flirtation becomes much more serious when Reath learns that Miss Whately is none other than the daughter of the very man who he has so deeply wronged. Reath is already captivated by this unusual and beautiful woman, but now feels the added responsibility of making up for the sorrows that he had unwittingly caused her. He decides to court her in earnest.

But can he ever succeed in wooing Miss Whately, given that she seems impervious to his practiced charms? And will she be able to accept him, once she finds out about his past?

Series: Merry Men Quartet
Miss Seton's Sonata - Book 1
Wooing Miss Whately - Book 2
Love of My Life - Book 3
Love of My Life - Book 3
Dame Fortune - Book 4

Wooing Miss Whately

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Publish Date:
May 2004
Regency: Secrets- Deception- Hidden Past

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