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Savage Longings
by: Cassie Edwards

Leisure Books, February 1997

Kidnapped by vicious trappers, Snow Deer despaired of ever seeing her people again. Then, from out of the Kansas wilderness came Charles Cline to rescue the Indian maiden. Strong yet gentle, brave yet tenderhearted, the virile blacksmith was everything Snow Deer desired in a man. And beneath the fierce sun, she burned to succumb to the sweet temptation of his kiss. But the strong-willed Cheyenne princess was torn between the duty that demanded she stay with her tribesmen and the passion that promised her unending happiness among white settlers. Only the love in her heart and the courage in her soul could convince Snow Deer that her destiny lay with Charles — and the blissful fulfillment of their . . . SAVAGE LONGINGS

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Series: Savage Series
Savage Spirit - Book 1
Savage Secrets - Book 2
Savage Passions - Book 3
Savage Longings - Book 4
Savage Tears - Book 5
Savage Heat - Book 6
Savage Wonder - Book 7
Savage Joy - Book 8
Savage Embers - Book 9
Savage Fires - Book 10
Savage Grace - Book 11
Savage Devotion - Book 12
Savage Thunder - Book 13
Savage Honor - Book 14
Savage Moon - Book 15
Savage Love - Book 16
Savage Destiny - Book 17
Savage Hero - Book 18
Savage Trust - Book 19
Savage Hope - Book 20
Savage Courage - Book 21
Savage Vision - Book 22
Savage Arrow - Book 23
Savage Beloved - Book 24
Savage Tempest - Book 25
Savage Quest - Book 26
Savage Intrigue - Book 27

Savage Longings

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Leisure Books
Publish Date:
February 1997
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1492-1900) Native American
Charles Cline
Snow Deer
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