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Logical Lady, A
by : Janice Bennett

A Singular Sensation . . .
Miss Elizabeth Carstairs, in the ordinary way of things, was a level-headed young lady, not given to flights of romantic foolishness. But when Mr. Frederick Ashfield arrived at Halliford Castle, after two years on the Continent, Lizzie's heart started a most alarming flutter that showed no signs of abating. What had been a schoolgirl's companionable liking had turned into something quite, quite different . . . but there was no time to ponder this shocking development, for things were in a dreadful state. Frederick had come straight from the Grange, his ancestral home, where he had visited -- and quarreled with -- his cousin, Viscount St. Vincent. And shortly after Frederick's abrupt departure, the Viscount had been discovered stabbed to death.

A Desperate Gamble . . .
Frederick, having inherited the title, repaired to the Grange with Lizzie and the Duke and Duchess of Halliford. At the scene of the heinous crime, Lizzie provoked Frederick's lazy smile -- and something more -- as the young beauty's endeavors revealed an abundance of suspects, but a dismaying dearth of clues. Then Frederick suffered a near fatal "accident," and it was obvious what had to be done. To clear his name, Frederick must risk his very life -- and Lizzie's dearest hopes -- to trap a killer!

Series: Carstairs series
Eligible Bride, An - Book 1
Tempting Miss, A - Book 2
Logical Lady, A - Book 3
Lady's Champion, A - Book 4

Logical Lady, A

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
January 1991
Regency: Blackmail- Criminal Plot- or Murder

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