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Proper Marriage, A
by : Debbie Raleigh

After forty years of devoted service, Vicar Humbly is eager to retire to his pleasant cottage and tend to his garden. But before he can live in peace, he must salve his conscience by traveling to the homes of three couples whose marriages have troubled him. Though he is a man of the cloth, Vicar Humbly knows that desire sometimes needs a little help from unexpected places . . . and that he may have to be less the Vicar, and more Cupid's emissary.

What’s Done . . .
Coming from a family of gamblers, artists and poets, Adele Morrow has lived an eccentric, free-spirited existence. But her new role as wife to a noted scholar and prominent government member has forced her to conform to a life of dull duty and perfect order. Discarding her vibrant, daring gowns, Addy is outwardly the very model of propriety, though secretly she longs to be carried off by a dashing rogue - the sort of devilish man who would drive her wild with desire.

Can Be Blissfully Undone . . .
At first, Adam Drake felt quite pleased with himself - he'd managed to turn a wild scrub of a girl into a quiet, unassuming wife who'd be no trouble at all . . . and no joy. A year later, unhappy and bored, Adam realizes that he has the compliant wife he demanded but desires the uninhibited beauty he once knew. Now, it is Adam's turn to change, and the quiet, conservative scholar will need a great deal of tutoring if he's to become the daring rake who can turn a perfectly proper wife into a very willing woman.

Series: Marriage Trilogy
Proper Marriage, A - Book 1
Convenient Marriage, A - Book 2
Scandalous Marriage, A - Book 3

Proper Marriage, A

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
October 2002
Regency: Marriage of Convenience- Marriage Proposal

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