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Spirited Affair, A
by: Lynn Kerstan

Zebra Regency Romance, March 1993

An Independent Minx . . .
Pompous and arrogant did not begin to do justice to the Earl of Coltrane! Jillian Lamb bad traveled all the way to London to see her guardian and determine why her heretofore regular allowance bad suddenly stopped arriving, and now the man was insisting that be do his duty and present her to the ton in order that she might find a husband. Jillian bad been on her own far too long to submit to the high-handed tactics of an autocratic aristocrat, and she decided to do all she could to thwart his plan. Nothing could keep her in London away from the countryside she loved . . . unless it was the piercing blue eyes and silvery brown hair of a rather handsome Earl.

An Autocratic Earl . . .
How was it that one sharp-tongued chit could so completely overset his household? Mark Delacourt, Earl of Coltrane, bad returned from the war determined to become a model gentleman and as such bad no intention of listening to demands for money from a fiery-haired spitfire. It was time be set things to rights and groomed the girl for her launch into society. Of course be never anticipated that the green-eyed minx would turn out to be an Incomparable, nor that be would find himself jealous as a schoolboy. The engaging Miss Lamb bad certainly captured his attention . . . was it possible that she bad also captured his heart?

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Spirited Affair, A

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
March 1993
Time Period:
Regency: Guardian- Ward
Mark Delacourt
Earl of Coltrane
Jillian Lamb
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