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Sweetest Dark, The
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Sweetest Dark, The
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Savage Surrender
by: Cassie Edwards

Ace Books, August 1987

Love’s Captive.
Strong-willed and beautiful, Brenda had escaped the brutal murderers of her pioneer family. Pier anguish and fury were then challenged by a savage wilderness . . . where the only hope for survival lay in the forceful bronzed arms of an Ojibwa warrior. Striped Eagle was the kind of man she had been raised to fear . . . and whose dark, smoldering gaze unleashed her heart's forbidden temptations.

Passion's Slave.
She was his -- body and soul. The burning touch of his lean, muscled torso against her tender flesh aroused the sweetest rapture of passions unknown. The probing heat of his kiss blazed a trail of unexplored ecstasy. And his loving embrace awakened a hunger for more. Defying their cultures and daring to avenge her family's enemies, their love triumphed in the flames of eternal desire and . . . Savage Surrender.

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Series: Savage Secrets series
Savage Surrender - Book 1
Savage Eden - Book 2
Savage Splendor - Book 3
Savage Whispers - Book 4
Savage Bliss - Book 5
Savage Dream - Book 6
Savage Dance - Book 7
Savage Persuasion - Book 8
Savage Promise - Book 9
Savage Mists - Book 10
Savage Sunrise - Book 11
Savage Pride - Book 12

Savage Surrender

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Ace Books
Publish Date:
August 1987
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1492-1900) Native American
Striped Eagle
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