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Lovers and Ladies (Anthology)
by : Jo Beverley ,
Two previously released books now in 1 volume

Book 1 - “The Fortune Hunter.”
For Love and Money
Poor Amy de Lacy. Her father's death has left the family impoverished and she's the only one who can rescue them. Her older sister Beryl, sweet as she is, is just too plain to attract a husband. But Amy, with her stunning blue eyes and golden hair, is the object of every man's fondest desires. Now she must use that advantage to snare a wealthy husband. Amy has no doubts about her foolproof plan . . . until she meets Harry Crisp. Handsome and charming, Harry is not nearly wealthy enough, and Amy quickly rejects him. But she can’t so easily dismiss the memory of just one sweet kiss. And it takes some skillful meddling on the part of well-meaning friends to create a second chance for the lovely fortune hunter and the man who offers far more than a fortune.
Originally Published -

Date: November 1991 . . . ISBN: 0380717719 . . .
Publisher: Avon

Book 2 - “Deirdre and Don Juan.”
The Rogue Proposes
"Don Juan," the dashing Earl of Everdon, was abandoned by his wife shortly following the wedding--and his scandalous behavior is considered an understandable response. Now newly widowed, the errant earl is most eager to marry someone—anyone--who will bear him an heir. And quiet, well-bred Lady Deirdre Stowe fits the bill quite nicely.
The Lady Demurs
Enamored of another, Deirdre wants nothing to do with the lascivious lord--but she is bound by a promise to say "yes" to any suitable proposal. So the earl devises a sham betrothal to satisfy all concerned. But their amorous dance of deception is about to take some rather unexpected spins.
Originally Published -
Date: December 1993 . . . ISBN: 0380772817 . . .
Publisher: Avon


Lovers and Ladies (Anthology)

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NAL - Trade
Publish Date:
April 2008
Anthology- Regency

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