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Bath Bramble
by: Dawn Aldridge Poore

Zebra Regency Romance, October 1991

Callie Stone was resolved to become an artiste rather than a wife. She was quite content with her productive life painting portraits in Bath, except for the problem of her carousing younger brother. Bereaved of parents, Callie had only the family's legal guardian to turn to... though Callie wondered if the irresponsible James Williford would be much help with discipline! But when Jamie did arrive, Callie was thunderstruck. This friend from childhood, who now cut a dashing figure, seemed to have eyes for her! And though her practical head dictated prudence, her blasted heart seemed to have a mind of its own!

James Williford, recent heir to the title of Viscount of Atwater, was livid. His father had left him an impressive title bill kept him on a pitiful allowance! His only way of gaining, the funds was to get himself leg-shackled. Thus, on his journey to Bath, Jamie decided to begin his search for a spouse. And when he saw the delightful blue eyes of the grown-up Callie Stone, his heart skipped a beat... before falling like rock. Jamie had planned on finding a meek, biddable wife -- Callie was as headstrong as a horse and had no desire to marry. But James suspected if he wanted this sweet Bath rose, he'd simply have to woo himself through the thorny bramble!

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Bath Bramble

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
October 1991
Time Period:
Regency: Friendships- Acquaintances
James Williford
Viscount Atwater
Miss Callie Stone
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