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Christmas Delight, A (Anthology)
by: Dawn Aldridge Poore

Zebra, November 1991 ,
Jo Beverley, Sara Blayne, Anthea Malcolm, Elizabeth Morgan, Lois Stewart

An Anthology written by the following authors:

  1. Jo Beverley - “TWELFTH NIGHT” - Every year at Christmas, the Conyngham family host a grand medieval twelve day feast, and this year Lady Alice Conyngham is organizing it for the first time. It presents only the usual problems until a man from her past turns up -- Tyr Norman, who had seduced her and abandoned her on Twelfth Night. But Tyr, now Lord Ivanridge, seems to think that he is the injured party, and he has the same power as before to melt Alice's common sense and willpower.
  2. Sara Blayne - “The Lords of Misrule” - When two of England's most eligible bachelors arrive at Willoughby Hall for the Christmas festivities, Maggie Willoughby soon finds that mischief abounds, starting with a stolen kiss under the mistletoe!
  3. Anthea Malcolm - “Christmas Knight” - Without a family to call his own, Owen Thorn had little time for Christmas celebration. But a Christmas house party spent in the company of Amanda Berwick may convince him to soon set up his nursery.
  4. Elizabeth Morgan - “Eugenia’s Miracle” - Christmas seemed a time of miracles for Eugenia Foxworth when she learned that the man she loved, and thought dead, was in fact very much alive. Now Eugenia must perform her own Christmas miracle and reawaken his heart as well!
  5. Dawn Aldridge Poore - “The Yuletide Wish” - Miss Anthea Thorne was not looking forward to spending Christmas with the gentleman who broke off their engagement four years earlier. But as the holiday magic worked its spell, Anthea began to wonder if her Christmas wish would indeed come true!
  6. Lois Stewart - “A Holiday Betrothal” - Charlotte Kinley dreaded the idea of an arranged marriage, but she soon fell in love with her handsome husband-to-be. Would the Christmas Eve betrothal ball bring her love in return?

Books listed alphabetically by author.

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Christmas Delight, A (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
November 1991
Time Period:
Anthology- Historical: Seasonal- Christmas etc.
Regency era
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