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Savage Honor
by : Cassie Edwards

Shawndee Sibley longed for satin ribbons, fancy dresses, and a man who would take her away from her miserable life in Silver Creek. But the only men she ever encountered were the drunks who frequented her mother's tavern. And even then, Shawndee's mother made her disguise herself as a boy for her own protection. To make matters worse, the townsfolk were now accusing Mrs. Sibley of witchcraft. Before Shawndee could warn her mother, though, strong arms had wrapped around her and carried her off into the woods.

Shadow Hawk bitterly resented the Sibleys for corrupting his warriors with their whiskey. Capturing their "son" was a surefire way to force them to listen to him. But he quickly became the captive--of Shawndee's shy smile, iron will, and her shimmering golden hair. As the two paddled down the moonlit Genesee River, Shadow Hawk found himself divided between his surrendered heart and his . . . SAVAGE HONOR

Series: Savage Series
Savage Spirit - Book 1
Savage Secrets - Book 2
Savage Passions - Book 3
Savage Longings - Book 4
Savage Tears - Book 5
Savage Heat - Book 6
Savage Wonder - Book 7
Savage Joy - Book 8
Savage Embers - Book 9
Savage Fires - Book 10
Savage Grace - Book 11
Savage Devotion - Book 12
Savage Thunder - Book 13
Savage Honor - Book 14
Savage Moon - Book 15
Savage Love - Book 16
Savage Destiny - Book 17
Savage Hero - Book 18
Savage Trust - Book 19
Savage Hope - Book 20
Savage Courage - Book 21
Savage Vision - Book 22
Savage Arrow - Book 23
Savage Beloved - Book 24
Savage Tempest - Book 25
Savage Quest - Book 26
Savage Intrigue - Book 27

Savage Honor

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Publish Date:
July 2001
Historical: American - (1492-1900) Native American

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